Trusted Business Managed IT Services In Gilbert

A lot has changed since Gilbert was known as the hay shipping capital of the world!

These days, even if you’re still in the hay shipping business, IT is an essential part of commerce, and GeeksHD is pleased to be a part of a thriving business community in the Gilbert area. Some of our best clients are restaurants, automotive dealerships, accounting firms, insurance agencies, retail stores and attorneys, among others, as we’ve been able to fully envelope ourselves in their organization and industry to allow us to best position them as we spot changes and trends.

These are just some of our areas of expertise:

Gilbert, AZ

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Peace Of Mind From Wasted Time And Aggravation

Having been in business for nearly 15 years, we’ve worked hard to continually invest in our product, our team, our community and our product. In the beginning, we had a very rudimentary computer system that we did not invest in for many years. We utilized our friends when we had problems, but as we grew, it became obvious that the security of our network, maintenance and protection of our systems, and our ongoing needs were far beyond our capabilities. In 2014, we partnered with GeeksHD so they could help bring our business to the next level. They are always looking for innovative ways to provide us with the right solution to match our business needs. When we do need support, our local geek provides us with peace of mind and relieves us of any time and aggravation with system issues.
Rachael, Owner | Restaurant

The IT Keys To Our Business Are In Trusted Hands

Our auto dealership group has 8 locations and our focus is to serve our clients and prospective clients. For more than 20 years, our partnership with GeeksHD continues to allow us to do just that – focus on growing and strengthening our business relationships on a daily basis. We trust Chris and his team to handle any and all IT issues. This trust comes from the great relationships we have developed over the years with their staff, being comfortable enough to hand over the keys to the dealerships knowing they have our best interest at heart. One of the many things that GeeksHD excels at is their support. I can honestly say they have always been there for us (more than 20 years) and we have had little to no issues regarding IT and have not been slowed down when there was an issue. Security is their primary focus with everything that they do and they’re always updating us with the latest trends so we know how to keep our company and employees safe. GeeksHD truly cares about our company and that is not as common as one would think. They have our best interests at heart, get the job done and have never let us down.  If this type of service, support and caring are not part of your vocabulary for your current IT support, you need to call GeeksHD as they will have your back!
Bill, General Manager & Managing Partner | Automotive Dealership Group