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Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose
GeeksHD For Their Managed IT Support

  • 100% Of All Project Labor Costs Are Included In Our Agreements

    Whether you’re moving systems around your office or need to completely relocate your office, our team will be there and you won’t have to worry about additional charges above your monthly invoice

  • We Love Complex Environments And Projects

    Have compliance requirements like HIPAA, NIST or PCI-DSS? We know how to bring your company into compliance, and keep it there! Need someone to manage your Amazon infrastructure? We have certified staff who can not only manage your setup, but can make recommendations on best practices

  • You’ll Never Be Held Hostage In Your Agreement

    If you’re not happy with our service, give us 60 days to make it right. If you’re still not happy, we’ll cancel your agreement and assist in the transition to a new provider. We never want you to feel stuck for any reason

  • Only One Hand To Shake And One Throat To Choke

    We’ll handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationships for your internet connectivity and line of business applications, and all of your maintenance renewals. When issues arise, you just need to speak with us and we’ll handle everyone else

  • Quarterly Reviews Of Your Business Needs And Goals

    Our leadership team with meeting with you on a quarterly basis to review the direction your business is going and what goals you want to achieve so we can ensure that the technology you have won’t hold you back

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The IT Keys To Our Business Are In Trusted Hands

Our auto dealership group has 8 locations and our focus is to serve our clients and prospective clients. For more than 20 years, our partnership with GeeksHD continues to allow us to do just that – focus on growing and strengthening our business relationships on a daily basis. We trust Chris and his team to handle any and all IT issues. This trust comes from the great relationships we have developed over the years with their staff, being comfortable enough to hand over the keys to the dealerships knowing they have our best interest at heart. One of the many things that GeeksHD excels at is their support. I can honestly say they have always been there for us (more than 20 years) and we have had little to no issues regarding IT and have not been slowed down when there was an issue. Security is their primary focus with everything that they do and they’re always updating us with the latest trends so we know how to keep our company and employees safe. GeeksHD truly cares about our company and that is not as common as one would think. They have our best interests at heart, get the job done and have never let us down.  If this type of service, support and caring are not part of your vocabulary for your current IT support, you need to call GeeksHD as they will have your back!
Bill, General Manager & Managing Partner | Automotive Dealership Group

GeeksHD Keeps Our Business Operational All The Time

As an insurance agency, we have a moral and legal responsibility to keep our client’s confidential data safe and secure. We also cannot afford to have our computers down at all! GeeksHD has set up systems and procedures to keep our business, and our client’s information, safe and secure from the threatening world around us! If you are truly serious about the confidentiality, safety, security and performance of your systems, GeeksHD is your only choice as a technology partner because of their ability to stand on the Marcus Lemonis (“The Profit”) 3 legged stool - people, process and product. GeeksHD has the right people with the knowledge and expertise, coupled with an effective, efficient and methodical approach, which allows them to consistently, and reliably, deliver a quality product/service
Richard, Owner | Insurance Company

Fast, Expert IT Support For Any Size Company

As the administrator for a very small organization, I don’t have the time, expertise or staff to monitor and maintain our IT systems. GeeksHD gives me the peace of mind to know that, even though I don’t have the internal resources, I really do have my own IT department who will find problems, make me aware of them and fix them - all in a timely manner. They communicate with me. This is what GeeksHD does best. We have regularly scheduled meetings to see what we can do to prevent issues. Chris and his team keep me informed of what is going on regularly, and if there is a potential threat, I know about it in time to make an informed decision on how to proceed. With our systems being a critical part of our successful operation, GeeksHD provides me with a valuable and increasingly necessary service at a fair price! As the administrator of our system, I can’t ask for much more than that! Call them today!
Bill, Administrator | Township Utilities

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That’s ok! We’ll be here when you’re ready for it! In the meantime, we’d like to give you our FREE guide outlining The Five Most Costly Misconceptions About Computer Maintenance And Repair. The information in this guide is provided to help raise standards within the computer repair and support industry, and to give YOU useful information to help you guard against the unethical or incompetence of some companies and technicians.