The GeeksHD Mission …

To Help Businesses Simplify Their Infrastructure, Increase Their Cyber Security And Utilize Technology To Exceed Their Goals

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, we’ve learned that the majority of the technological issues businesses face are the same – but their needs and requirements are as unique as they are. Knowing this, we take the time to envelope ourselves in their organization and industry so we can better position our clients for changes and trends. The plans we craft and the solutions we implement not only provide our clients with what they need today, but also enable them to gain an edge on their competition and better position their companies to continually exceed their growth goals.

Our team enjoys taking the time to turn the complex into simple and frustration into education. Since our client base covers a wide range of industries – restaurants, automotive dealerships, accounting firms, insurance agencies, retail stores, attorneys – we’re able to use knowledge gained in one area and use it to solve problems and challenges in another.

Overall, our belief is that true partnerships are built from the results of actions – not on the promises made. It’s the fulfillment of this promise that has made us the technology partner of choice for so many businesses!

Meet The GeeksHD Co-Founders

Every business has a story and GeeksHD is no different. Separated at birth, our co-founders were brought back together by their love of technology. Each day, they work tirelessly to perfect the GeeksHD Experience – a combination of our standards, people, tools, policy, and techniques that result in a unique approach to managing our clients’ IT nationwide!

Chris Wanamaker
Chris WanamakerManaging Partner
Also known as our “Chief Technology Guru”, Chris has had an obsession with technology for a long time. There are rumors that he learned how to program his parent’s VCR system just months before his 2nd birthday!

Chris began his career serving the consumer market as a consultant and, using the knowledge he gained, formed his first Managed Services company in the mid 2000s. Today, his passion is building solutions to problems others couldn’t solve and improving efficiencies in complex environments.

Outside of the GeeksHD walls, Chris enjoys traveling, the beach (or any place near water), racing cars and flying planes!

Ricardo Ramsay
Ricardo RamsayManaging Partner
With an uncanny ability to solve some of the most sophisticated problems with ease, Ricky, our own “Technology Whisperer”, is everyone’s favorite engineer!

Long before GeeksHD was formed, Ricky began his career working as an entry level engineer and took every opportunity presented to learn as much as he could. In a short period of time, Ricky outpaced those around him and rocketed to the top. When the opportunity was presented to help shape an organization, he didn’t have to think twice!

When Ricky isn’t working to help clients (which is extremely rare), he enjoys spending time with his family and visiting his birth country, Jamaica.