Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Business communication that is affordable, reliable and flexible

First impressions are everything. That’s why it’s important to have communication systems and devices which you can rely on. Unlike traditional PBX systems, cloud-based phone systems are delivered without the expensive setup and bulky hardware and the installation is quick – allowing you to seamlessly integrate multiple locations easily and efficiently. Ideal for small to medium businesses, our phone systems are designed to improve your image, control costs, and keep your employees connected with your clients.

Never miss an important call again!

Receive your voicemail whether you’re on the other line, your desk phone is disconnected, or even if the power goes out.

Consolidated, flexible voicemail playback

React quickly to new voicemails by electing to receive a text message on your cell when you get a new voicemail

Announcement Options

Welcome callers with a default greeting, with a greeting you record yourself, or one created with professional voice talent

How Our Process Works

Call Management

Message Alerts, Call Logs, Intercom, Call Forwarding, Recording and more!

Find Me

Whether you’re in the office or out, have calls ring on all of your devices

Auto Call Recording

Easily enable automatic recordings for your inbound and outbound calls

Call Forwarding

Calls with ease and flexibility – never miss calls while you travel

Message Alerts

Deliver voice and fax message notifications by email/text message

Call Parking

Park calls in the cloud and retrieve from any phone in your business

Call Screening

Accept calls from specific numbers and send others to voicemail