Here Is What Other Business Leaders Are Saying …

Every business we work with is unique, but there is a common thread among all of them – they want fast, friendly and knowledgeable support. This goes to the core of our business and because our client’s experience this all the time, they want others to know!

Fast, Dependable And Budget Friendly Technology Support

Our firm works with and supports real estate professionals throughout the Scottsdale and surrounding areas. We also provide meeting, training and event spaces for large groups and organizations. We are here to serve others and therefore require our vendors to treat us no differently. Before finding our way to GeeksHD, we would often have to wait a week to hear back from our IT person. Since partnering with GeeksHD, it has been a night and day difference. Whenever we have an issue or question, their support team responds right away when we call. During our onboarding, they came in and quickly analyzed what we needed and were conscientious in establishing a prioritized process that we could understand. On top of all this, our budget concerns were respected. Wow! We’re so thankful to be partnered with Chris and his team at GeeksHD. My advice to other Scottsdale businesses – don’t hesitate to contact GeeksHD! We all know that technology can be complex and frustrating but be calm because there will be a strong net to catch you when you make the jump to GeeksHD!
Laura, Assistant Executive Officer | Real Estate Organization

When You Cannot Afford To Be Down, GeeksHD Has The Quick Support You Need

We’ve been working with GeeksHD and their team for nearly 15 years. The level of service we’ve received has been extraordinary. One of the biggest benefits for us has been the fact we’ve been able to interact with the owner, Chris Wanamaker, directly at times. We’re not just some client to him but rather a part of his family. It’s a personal level of attention that has shown us that he, and his company, truly care about our organization. If you want an IT Support company who makes sure you’re protected, has a great level of attention to detail, knows what it takes to keep you up and running, and provides you with quick, efficient support, I highly recommend contacting them today. You won’t regret your decision!
Lou, Owner | Marine Dealership

Accessible, Courteous AND Knowledgeable

For more than 20 years of working with Chris Wanamaker and his GeeksHD team, they have kept up with our growth and evolution as a business when it comes to taking care of our IT needs. They have a proactive mindset and process for monitoring our systems which preempts or short cuts any problems. They also recommend upgrades or solutions to make our system more robust and stable. Their support is great and immediate which allows us to work without losing time or money and they are courteous on top of that. This puts us in a good light as we make promises to our customers for the work we perform and a stable IT system keeps us running. In my business, word of mouth recommendations are paramount and I will not hesitate to highly recommend the GeeksHD team!
Mike, Owner | Auto Body Shop

The IT Keys To Our Business Are In Trusted Hands

Our auto dealership group has 8 locations and our focus is to serve our clients and prospective clients. For more than 20 years, our partnership with GeeksHD continues to allow us to do just that – focus on growing and strengthening our business relationships on a daily basis. We trust Chris and his team to handle any and all IT issues. This trust comes from the great relationships we have developed over the years with their staff, being comfortable enough to hand over the keys to the dealerships knowing they have our best interest at heart. One of the many things that GeeksHD excels at is their support. I can honestly say they have always been there for us (more than 20 years) and we have had little to no issues regarding IT and have not been slowed down when there was an issue. Security is their primary focus with everything that they do and they’re always updating us with the latest trends so we know how to keep our company and employees safe. GeeksHD truly cares about our company and that is not as common as one would think. They have our best interests at heart, get the job done and have never let us down.  If this type of service, support and caring are not part of your vocabulary for your current IT support, you need to call GeeksHD as they will have your back!
Bill, General Manager & Managing Partner | Automotive Dealership Group

Amazing Support That Reduces My Tech Stress

The bottom line for me is that when I have a problem, I need to connect directly with a knowledgeable tech to get my issue resolved quickly. I get this every time I contact GeeksHD. It’s a stress buster for me because I don’t have to worry anymore. Not only does my problem get taken care of, but I also get an explanation of what’s going on. This has helped me better understand my systems and how everything works together. If you want a company who will not only take care of your systems but will also give you that personal attention, GeeksHD is the company you should call today!
Teresa, Certified Associate-Facilitator | Youth Coaching

Top Notch Problem Solving And Personal Attention

As a boutique consulting firm, specializing in providing a roadmap for US companies to realize greater global success, technology plays an important role in allowing me to connect with clients around the world. Regardless of where I was traveling to, I knew that GeeksHD would be there when I needed them. Their personal attention and problem solving skills are top notch as there hasn’t been a single IT issue that wasn’t resolved quickly and completely. If you are looking for a high quality, reasonably priced, business IT support company, GeeksHD should be your only call
Ed, Founder | Business Consulting

GeeksHD Keeps Our Business Operational All The Time

As an insurance agency, we have a moral and legal responsibility to keep our client’s confidential data safe and secure. We also cannot afford to have our computers down at all! GeeksHD has set up systems and procedures to keep our business, and our client’s information, safe and secure from the threatening world around us! If you are truly serious about the confidentiality, safety, security and performance of your systems, GeeksHD is your only choice as a technology partner because of their ability to stand on the Marcus Lemonis (“The Profit”) 3 legged stool - people, process and product. GeeksHD has the right people with the knowledge and expertise, coupled with an effective, efficient and methodical approach, which allows them to consistently, and reliably, deliver a quality product/service
Richard, Owner | Insurance Company

Peace Of Mind From Wasted Time And Aggravation

Having been in business for nearly 15 years, we’ve worked hard to continually invest in our product, our team, our community and our product. In the beginning, we had a very rudimentary computer system that we did not invest in for many years. We utilized our friends when we had problems, but as we grew, it became obvious that the security of our network, maintenance and protection of our systems, and our ongoing needs were far beyond our capabilities. In 2014, we partnered with GeeksHD so they could help bring our business to the next level. They are always looking for innovative ways to provide us with the right solution to match our business needs. When we do need support, our local geek provides us with peace of mind and relieves us of any time and aggravation with system issues.
Rachael, Owner | Restaurant

Expertise That Makes Issues Go Away Effortlessly

Speaking from my many years with these guys, you will receive unparalleled service from people who are the best in their field. The friendly staff at GeeksHD is always prompt and courteous. The biggest benefit for me has been the access to the vast and up-to-date knowledge from their technical team. Not only do they resolve my issues, but they spend time educating me as well. Every interaction with their amazing staff has taught me something new. Whether your company is big or small, you’ll always receive top notch service. I don’t believe you will find anyone better than GeeksHD!
Sandy, Owner | Business Supplier

Fast, Expert IT Support For Any Size Company

As the administrator for a very small organization, I don’t have the time, expertise or staff to monitor and maintain our IT systems. GeeksHD gives me the peace of mind to know that, even though I don’t have the internal resources, I really do have my own IT department who will find problems, make me aware of them and fix them - all in a timely manner. They communicate with me. This is what GeeksHD does best. We have regularly scheduled meetings to see what we can do to prevent issues. Chris and his team keep me informed of what is going on regularly, and if there is a potential threat, I know about it in time to make an informed decision on how to proceed. With our systems being a critical part of our successful operation, GeeksHD provides me with a valuable and increasingly necessary service at a fair price! As the administrator of our system, I can’t ask for much more than that! Call them today!
Bill, Administrator | Township Utilities