A Public Service Offer To Business Owners And Managers Coping With COVID-19

Fellow Business Owners And Managers,

As the world continues to see the spread of COVID-19 (“the Coronavirus”), it becomes more and more evident that we are all increasingly affected in some ways. By now we all have needed to make some adjustments to our daily routines and our business. Currently, it is unclear how this situation will unfold over the next few weeks and months.

Being a business owner myself, I wanted to take this time to extend some assistance to my fellow business owners and managers. As a public service, we are offering to help businesses that are able to let employees work from home, do so safely and securely, by helping them setup the required infrastructure.

In most cases, we can perform this setup remotely with no requirement for anyone to come onsite. Here is what we’re offering:

For Businesses Who Aren’t GeeksHD Clients

  • We are extending our remote access software licensing, at no-charge through the end of May (which may be extended as conditions change), to any company not yet setup to work from home. This allows someone to use their own home computer to remotely connect to their office computer
  • Depending on how many people need to be setup, we may charge a nominal, but highly discounted setup fee
  • Most setups, with your assistance, can be completed in less than a few hours

For Businesses Who Are GeeksHD Clients

  • We’ve already sent out communications about getting setup, but if you haven’t seen those yet, we are extending our remote access software licensing, at no-charge, to you as well. Just create a ticket for our support team and we’ll get it handled right away
  • In addition, we will be providing all of your employees with our antivirus software for their home computers (up to 10) to make sure they have additional protection against cyber criminals. Contact your account manager (or me directly) to get the website information

Free Cyber Security Tips Emailed Weekly

  • If you’re not already on our list, I suggest you sign up. Each week, I send out security tips and information to help you be better informed with so many cyber threats around. The criminals have been using COVID-19 to increase their attacks on individuals and businesses alike. For more information or to sign up, visit https://www.geekshd.com/cyber-security-tip-of-the-week/

Current COVID-19 News And Updates

  • We’ve curated a list of blog posts and news specific to the Coronavirus pandemic and have added them all to one page. Visit https://www.geekshd.com/topic/covid19-news-and-updates/ for all of the latest information, news, updates and tips to help you survive this disaster

At the end of the day, we understand your dedication to your clients and partners, and we feel the same way in our dedication to you, to your business and to your families. If you would like to take advantage of our offer, please complete the form below

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. We Will Get Through This Together!

With Warm Regards,

Chris Wanamaker, CEO of GeeksHD