10 Feb 2020

Prevent data leaks


The global average cost of a data breach is $3.6 million. Is your company prepared to deal with the fallout from a cyberattack? With our security solutions from Microsoft 365 Business, you can take advantage of the latest data-loss protection policies to ensure that your sensitive data is always protected. With a simple, cost-effective security solution that's easy to use, you can't go wrong. Contact our team at GeeksHD to learn how you can prevent data leaks with our #Microsoft365Business solutions.

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10 Feb 2020

A smart approach to cybersecurity investment


Cybersecurity is a threat to businesses across industries. Sometimes, organizations invest in security software without realizing the risks that come with it. Here are compelling reasons why identifying threats before buying cybersecurity products is paramount.

Uncover threats and vulnerabilities

Every business should run a risk assessment to evaluate its current cybersecurity infrastructure. Doing so is one of the easiest ways to identify, correct, and prevent security breaches. After discovering potential issues that cyberterrorists could exploit, rate them based on probability of occurrence and potential impacts on your business.
Keep in mind that risk assessments are specific to every business, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach for technology that will work for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Variables like your line of business and operating environment will account for differences in needs and risks. For instance, manufacturing companies and insurance groups have totally different applications to secure.
After tagging and ranking potential threats, identify which vulnerabilities need immediate attention and which ones can be addressed further down the line. For […]

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7 Feb 2020

Why blockchain is essential to healthcare


Healthcare organizations need cutting-edge technologies to manage medical records and improve patient care. But even the most advanced technologies come with issues. One promising solution of interest to healthcare experts is blockchain. Here’s why.

What is blockchain?

Although the technology is known for enabling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain has a broader use beyond an alternative form of currency. And to understand its importance, you need to understand three key concepts:

  • Blocks
    These are encrypted data or documents. In healthcare, these can be in the form of test results.
  • Chains
    Chains make data harder to counterfeit by linking every block with the one that preceded it using an encrypted address.
  • Decentralized networks
    By using decentralized networks, each computer in the network can check for suspicious modifications in the chain. Every block added to the chain gets distributed to all the computers in the network, and when one computer tries to alter previous blocks without authorization, others can compare it with their local copies and deem it as fake.

Blockchain was originally developed […]

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5 Feb 2020

Repurposing an outdated computer


Sooner or later, you’re going to have to replace your computer. But while it may not be as fast as when you first got it or as sleek as your new computer, your old desktop or laptop might still have a lot to offer. Below are a few ways you can repurpose an outdated machine.

Make a NAS server

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a server for your small business network that lets you store files that need to be shared with all the computers on the network. If your old PC has at least 8 GB of RAM, you can use it as your own NAS.

Simply download FreeNAS, a software accessible on Windows, MacOS, or Linux, that enables you to create a shared backup of your computers. FreeNAS has access permissions and allows you to stream media to a mobile operating system (OS), like iOS and Android.

But if you’d rather convert your PC into a private cloud for remote access and data backup, Tonido is a great alternative. This […]

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4 Feb 2020

Security Is Not Privacy


Do you know the difference between security and privacy? Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they're quite different—and both are crucial to the prosperity of your company. Check out this infographic to learn more about how to make sure your company data stays private and is always secured. And contact our team at GeeksHD to help you get started.

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4 Feb 2020

Machine Learning Is Helping To Stop Security Breaches With Threat Analytics


Machine learning is enabling threat analytics to deliver greater precision regarding the risk context of privileged users' behavior, creating notifications of risky activity in real time, while also being able to actively respond to incidents by cutting off sessions, adding additional monitoring, or flagging for forensic follow-up. With Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection, GeeksHD brings these capabilities to your organization.

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3 Feb 2020

GDPR is here — are you ready?


Digital disruption is changing the landscape making data privacy a fundamental right. How ready is your organization to comply with GDPR? Check out this infographic to learn about Microsoft's 3-step approach to GDPR. A Microsoft partner, GeeksHD can help you secure your IT environment and achieve compliance with Microsoft 365.

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3 Feb 2020

Customer story: Presentation Studio


@pstudio is making waves across Asia-Pacific by helping companies create beautiful, memorable presentations. With help from Microsoft 365 Business, @pstudio leverages enterprise-grade security and productivity tools. After adopting a #cloudbased #Microsoft365 platform, @pstudio cut its IT bill in half and enhanced security for customer and company data. Curious about how our #Microsoft solutions can help your company save money and keep your data secure? Contact our team at GeeksHD to get started!

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3 Feb 2020

Addressing VoIP call quality issues


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions have been enabling businesses to enjoy lower call rates and plenty of exciting call features. But with faulty VoIP implementation comes call quality issues. Let’s discuss some of these problems that you might encounter and what you can do to fix them.

Choppy voice

The main factor in disjointed, start-stop sounding messages in a VoIP environment is packet loss, which occurs if individual data “packets” are lost in transmission. When this occurs, the gateway at the receiving end of the call tries to predict what’s been lost; but when it can’t, the gap in data remains empty, resulting in choppy audio.

Insufficient bandwidth is often to blame for this issue, so make sure to check your bandwidth usage. Limit the use of bandwidth-heavy applications (e.g., video streaming apps) and tweak your router settings to prioritize VoIP traffic. Also run a test for malware or spyware, which may be hogging the bandwidth.


Many VoIP systems use an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to convert analog voice signals […]

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31 Jan 2020

Time to upgrade your Excel skills


With Microsoft Excel’s new features being so incredibly user-friendly, there’s no excuse to remain basic. Upgrade your skills with our three tips today!

Take advantage of Ideas in Excel

If you’re not sure which type of chart best tells a particular story out of a table of data, don’t worry — Excel’s artificial intelligence (AI) has got your back. Just click any cell in a data range, then go to the Home tab and click the Ideas button. A task pane will appear, showing recommendations for what data visualization you can use. Here’s a quick reference for what some of the most popular charts are for:

  • Column/Bar chart – compares categories with one another by depicting their numerical standing in terms of column height (or bar length, in the case of bar charts) side by side (think of lining children up and looking at how tall they are)
  • Line chart – shows how data changes over time or other variable that continuously increases at a regular rate (think of someone tracking their […]
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